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Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of volunteer Board members is the backbone of St. Vincent's House. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

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Bishop Hector Monterroso

Board Chair, Bishop Assistant

 “My training in the seminary did not include how to [plant] new churches,” he said, but with his inherited soccer skills, he soon made headway. "Many young people came to the church to meet and to play on my soccer team. Eventually, we had our own soccer team sponsored by the Episcopal Church. It was good advertising,” he laughed.

In addition to his experience as a missionary, and as Bishop of Costa Rica, Bishop Monterroso also served as Secretary General of Province IX (1986-2000); as editor of the Revista Anglicanos magazine for 16 years and as Secretary General of the Anglican Church of the Central Region of America. During his tenure in Costa Rica, he secured its financial stability, increased the number of clergy from seven to 29, assured that most congregations were self-sustaining, and gained governmental recognition and support for many of the Diocese’s programs. 

In Texas, Bishop Monterroso will continue to strengthen the growth in both Hispanic congregations as well as new missional communities and church plants. He will visit 45 congregations during the year, primarily in the southern region of the Diocese of Texas; chair the board of St. Vincent’s House, a social service agency in Galveston; support growth of multicultural presence in all congregations and help to create a strategy for new ethnic church plants and missional communities.

Bonnie Farmer

Board President

Bonnie Farmer joined the St. Vincent's House (SVH) board after many years of volunteering in various capacities. As president, she shares with her fellow board members the vision and drive to continually improve upon the programs and services offered by SVH to our clients throughout the Galveston County community. She has focused her efforts on supporting the Executive Director and Staff as they work to ensure SVH provides service to our clients with expertise, integrity and a heart for ministry.

Bonnie believes in both the vision and the mission of SVH:


The gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to be agents of hope and transformation in the lives of individuals and families.


St. Vincent House provides services and resources to empower people to become self-sustaining and contributing members of our community.

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Rev. Lillian Hyde

Board Vice President

The Rev. Lillian Hyde is one of our veteran team members. She brings her years of experience and skills in the ministry and in community engagement to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

John Speich

Board Treasurer

John Speich, board treasurer, is one of our veteran team members. His years of experience as a CPA have ensured St. Vincent's House (SVH) finances are carefully monitored. With John's help, SVH works diligently to provide good stewardship of the resources at our disposal.

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 Anna O'Connell

Board Secretary

Douglas W. Matthews

Board Member

Doug Matthews brings to the St. Vincent's House board three decades of experience in both municipal and helathcare administration. A former Galveston City Manager, Doug has served for over 20 years in Government Relations representing the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in legislative affairs in Austin and Washington D.C.

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Dee Darby

Board Member

A resident of Houston, Dee Darby has made the commitment to serve on the board of St. Vincent's House (SVH), in spite of the distance she has to travel. Dee has long been an advocate and supporter of SVH, even before she joined the board. She brings with her expertise in fundraising and non-profit organizational skills.

Rose Daniels

Board Member

Miss Rose, as she is fondly known, is a mainstay in Episcopal life on Galveston Island and beyond. She brings her years of knowledge of the community and local church bodies to her position of the St. Vincent's House (SVH) board. She has become an invaluable member of our SVH team.

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Rev. Edward Thompson

Board Member

The REv. Edward Thompson, associate rector at Trinity Episcopal Church in Galveston, brings to St. Vincent's House (SVH) a lifetime of ministry experience.

He is a gifted preacher, teacher, author, and pastor known for his spirit of kindness.

Originally from Liberia, the Thompsons have lived and worked in the United States for almost 20 years. 

Elaine Culver

Board Member

Elaine Culver is a relative newcomer to Galveston Island, but a long time supporter of St. Vincent's House (SVH). A resident of Dallas, Elaine learned of the important work being done at SVH and it soon became one of the reasons she and her husband, Bruce, are soon to make the Island their home. Elaine brings to her board role seminary training and a heart for helping those in need.

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Bob Fleming

Board Member

Bob Fleming has been an important resource for St. Vincent's House (SVH) for many years. His depth of experience and expertise in management of non-profits and social service agencies is an invaluabel asset to SVH. Bob brings a wealth of experiential knowlede, tempered by the heart of a true servant.